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Benair Takes Immense Pleasure to Have Teamed Up with the World’s Leading Producer Of HVAC Products.

Carrier offers a range of air-handling units to meet the demands of indoor environments. Whether you need a custom-built or pre-configured product, Carrier air handler is available with a wide airflow range, flexible designs and advanced filtration options to bring in clean air and comfort to your spaces.

Why Carrier Air Handling Unit?

The Carrier Air Handler is designed to serve both Indoor and Outdoor purposes. It is designed to provide ventilation and filtration to:

  • Normal Quality Air
  • The air in Sterile environments
  • Air heating and/or air cooling
  • Heat evacuation/recovery
  • Filtration and handling of moist/contaminated air
  • Air humidification/dehumidification

Products in this category


  • Type:Hi-Wall
  • Refrigerant:R-410A
  • Efficiency Range (EER):11.60 - 12.40
  • Capacity Range (Tons):1.00 - 3.00


  • Type:Suspended package
  • Refrigerant:R-22 Airflow
  • Range (m3/h):2039~11553
  • Capacity Range (Tons):1.00 - 3.00


  • Type:Floor-mounted
  • Refrigerant:R-410A
  • Airflow Range (m3/h):1476~11520
  • Capacity Range (Tons):1.00 - 3.00

We have supplied for both commercial and residential Carrier Air handling Units which provide advanced technology and custom features in easy to install packages.

The currently available models are Carrier 40RMS Air Handler, Airovision 39HQM, and Airovision 39HQ.